An early morning of family birding and bonding with friends!

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Dear Mandy,

Thank you for volunteering your time for the Pacific Rim Conservation’s Oahu Elepaio Recovery Project and for showing us the results of your work! We were most impressed with the research and habitat rehabilitation work you have been doing to benefit the Elepaio and those, like the three of us, who travel to Hawaii to see the Elepaio and other native species. To express our appreciation for your commitment to this important project and for the morning you spent with us, we are making a donation to the Elepaio Recovery Project in your name.

You possess an excellent combination of birding skills and people skills! We are excited about your aspirations to become a birding guide on Oahu. Because the American Birding Association recently voted to include Hawaii in the North American birding area, there will be many birders who wish to add to their North American lists by seeking the services of an experienced Oahu birding guide. Your extensive background in guiding, birding, and customer service will make you an outstanding representative for Hawaii and the tourism community. In planning our trip, we were surprised to learn that there is a dearth of birding guides on your island. If it hadn’t been for your availability, we would have not seen the rare birds of Oahu.

We admire your extensive knowledge of the area, your good sense of humor, and your easy-going and helpful demeanor. We were also impressed with the manner in which you related to our 13 year-old granddaughter, encouraging her and building her enthusiasm for seeing birds! What a joy to spend the morning with you! We wish you the best in all of your endeavors!


John Keyser President Emeritus, Clackamas Community College

Marilynne Keyser Retired CPA and Senior Policy Advisor to Oregon Governor Roberts

Beryl Isenberg Honor Student entering the 8th grade

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