Birding James Campbell NWR and searching for Oahu’s endemic birds

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Gary and I met at James Campbell NWR in early December while I was volunteering to lead a free tour there. Although Gary had already accomplished the task of viewing the endangered Oahu Elepaio on his own, enjoyed Bristle-thighed Curlews, Hawaiian Coots, Hawaiian Gallinules, Hawaiian Stilts with me at the refuge, he still showed interest in hiring me for a half day tour. We hiked one of my favorite trails in Oahu and were thankful to see Mariana Swiftlet, Oahu Amakihi, and gorgeous views of Apapane with a quick stop for Saffron Finches afterwards.
Gary quickly became a friend, as most of the people I bird with do, and also an inspiration. His love for birds, travel, nature, his students, his family, his work, and for life. I look forward to staying in touch with him and following his next exciting adventure!

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