Birding on the Big Island!

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Sunrise from Waikoloa

Good morning from the Big Island with my new birding friends!
Jane and Howard invited me to the Big Island for a birding extravaganza yesterday!
Our target species was Palila, which we found several small groups of, in addition to Apapane, Hawaii Amakihi, Hawaii Elepaio (Mauna Kea subspecies), Eurasian Skylark, Northern Mockingbird, California Quail, Pueo (Hawaiian subspecies of Short-eared Owl), Erckel’s Francolin, and more. After Palila satisfaction we stopped to picnic in the state park and then went for Omao, I’iwi, and more native birds along the Pu’u O’o Trail. It was truly an amazing day spent birding with new friends in paradise.

A special thanks to Jane, Howard, and Reg for your friendship, support, kindness, and hospitality. I look forward to birding with you all again soon!

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