Catching up with Kris to Bird Oahu

Oahu Birding Tour Hawaii Birding Hawaii Birding BabeKris and I enjoyed amazing acrobatics by five Mariana Swiftlets, seabird watching from Kahala, and a scrumptious Greek dinner.
We originally met last year on a birding tour in Honolulu. Kris, Jim, their friends, and I had a blast birding around Honolulu together. We had so much fun that two days later we all went birding again for great looks at Laysan Albatross, up close encounters with Bristle-thighed Curlews, and more. We lost touch for quite some time and I was very excited that Kris had taken the time to reach out to me while her and Jim were back in Oahu.
We started out on a hike for some forest birds in Aiea together and I was honestly nervous about the weather going into the trail. After waiting out ten minutes of some heavy rain we decided to go for it, even with some pretty strong Tradewinds blowing into the mountains. When the winds did momentarily slow up we were able to spot a family of Oahu Amakihi foraging together. Weaving among eucalyptus and koa trees along the trail we were suddenly greeted by five Mariana Swiftlets zipping back and forth in front of a distant rainbow as it began to sprinkle on us again.
Kris and I encountered some great seabird activity after drying off and settling in to sit by a picturesque ocean view from Kahala with Chardonnay and friends. The Tradewinds picked up again just before sunset, bringing in a Great Frigatebird over our heads, a Wedge-tailed Shearwater out over the water, a Masked Booby out at a distance, and my personal highlight, a Black-winged Petrel! After dark we decided to continue celebrating our birding success and rekindled friendship with some more wine and a delicious Greek dinner.

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