Enjoying Nature on Oahu’s North Shore!

Oahu Nature Tour Hawaii Eco-Tour Hawaii Birding BabeKim, her beautiful daughter, and their family friend joined me on November 17 to explore the natural beauty of Oahu’s North Shore!

Kim and I connected right away, as we are both animal lovers and both care for rescued parrots.
We had a great day together swimming in Waimea Bay, watching the big waves at Laie Point, indulging in fresh farm raised shrimp, finding brightly colored Saffron Finches, and snorkeling with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles.
Our highlight moment of our adventure together was finding Honeygirl, a Hawaiian Monk Seal. I introduced the family to my friend Don, a proud volunteer of the Hawaii Marine Mammal Alliance. Hawaiian Monk Seals are very endangered with less than 1,400 left in the wild, roughly only 200 around the inhabited islands of Hawaii, and only about 45 individuals who consider Oahu home. As a trained and valuable volunteer Don’s job is to find, identify, access, and document monk seal activity to assist NOAA researchers in species recovery research and management. Volunteers also provide public engagement to educate, raise awareness about this critically endangered species, and to promote responsible viewing. Don has been watching over Honeygirl for years and is honored to share his excitement, knowledge, and passion for these rare animals with everyone he meets.
We all feel 
truly blessed to have made new memories with new friends, especially our very special encounter with Honeygirl.

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