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On August 28, 2017 I took friends, Carmine and Naomi on a birding and beers tour around Honolulu. Naomi and I became friends this year when she came to one of my dance workshops. Little did I know she was also a proud parrot owner and Hawaii birder with a mutual friend, Carmine of NYC. Carmine and I shared the stage together multiple times over 10 years ago on the East Coast, he as musician, and I as a dance artist. Carmine is an accomplished artist and is regularly featured internationally to perform and teach.

We started off our morning by going up to Tantalus for Oahu Amakihi while also getting great looks at other brightly colored forest birds. From there we stopped quickly at Puʻu ʻUalakaʻa to take in the views before exploring Kapiolani Park for Yellow-fronted Canaries, Rose-ringed Parakeets and Java Sparrows. From there we went down to lower elevations to search for Oahu Elepaio. We found a single male who put on quite the display for us very close to the ground. Naomi was especially thrilled since she was born and raised on the island but had never seen one before. This individual bird was so inquisitive we were capturing him with our iPhones! It was a truly magical experience for all of us. We then went to celebrate our birding success at Kona Brewing Company for refreshing local brewed beer and delicious sustainable seafood. Our last birding destination was Ka‘elepulu Wetland for endemic waterbirds before we returned to Waikiki with soaring White Terns.

It was so great to reconnect and spend time with Carmine and Naomi over birds and beers! Thank you both again for supporting my business, my craft and my art.

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