"This was my first time in Hawaii. I was looking to get away from the busy resort with all the man-made attractions in Waikiki that were disappointing to me. I wanted to see the real Hawaii- the Hawaii that I had seen in pictures. I wanted to see the green hills, the crystal blue beaches and the natural beauty that made Hawaii so popular.  I made a reservation for 8/11 at 11:00 and it was the best thing I could have done. Mandy was an exceptional tour guide! I got more than I ever expected with Mandy. She is an educated ornithologist and she spoke with passion about the birds, and all flora and fauna in Hawaii. She was sweet and caring. She is such a great tour guide that if I come back to Oahu, I want to take another tour with Mandy. After the tour; everywhere I went, I understood my environment and appreciated it all the more. I was traveling on business and I filled my boss in on everything I learned. I was able to point out trees and birds and tell her about the introduction of alien species, loss of coastal wetlands and extinction as a result of new predators and less recognizable food sources. I was able to tell her about Hawaiian history in more detail. We plan to come back in 6 months and I am bringing her on a tour. I want Mandy again and I will call way in advance to plan a tour. When I come with my husband for vacation I am going to bring him on this tour also. For any first time Hawaii visitor, I recommend this tour first before you do anything else as the rest of your visit will be enhanced by learning about the island. Thank you Mandy for making my experience in Oahu about the real Hawaii. I now have an appreciation for Hawaii that goes deeper than I could have wished for. Thank you for giving back to the conservation groups in Hawaii. Thank you making my first trip to Oahu very special."     -Kathleen Jacobson of Upland, California

"I went on a circle island tour on March 16th, thanks to our guide Mandy this was without a doubt the most fun learning experience I've ever had. This tour covered every major and a lot of minor nature sites around the entire island of Oahu. Mandy was on a mission to show us not only nature sites but any wildlife that happened to cross our path. She is overflowing with knowledge of Oahu's animal population (especially birds - her favorite). Mandy will tell you which animals were here originally and which ones were introduced by man. Don't get me started about Hawaiian history! Mandy knows it all! We learned all about Hawaii's ancient royalty, from King Kamehameha the Great to Queen Liliʻuokalani. Our group couldn't seem to ask a question that Mandy couldn't answer. Thank you Mandy"     -Jason of Depoe Bay, Oregon

"We had a wonderful 1/2 day tour of the North Shore and surrounding country with our tour guide Mandy. Visited several interesting sites, including a Japanese temple in a memorial park and a shrimp farm for lunch. Sunset beach was on the tour as well but the waves were tiny, so we didn't see any surfing. I highly recommend Mandy as your guide - especially if you are into bird watching, as she's an expert on the subject!"     -M.McKellen of Brooklyn, New York

"Our tour guide, Mandy, was very knowledgeable, friendly, and funny, as well as patient with some of the passengers. All the tour guides talk pretty much all day, but Mandy was the only one of many tours we took where we our interest was kept all day long. Her narration was interesting, engaging and on point, and she did not needlessly interject her personal opinions. Near the end of the tour, we had a tire blowout and Mandy handled it with incredible grace and poise. She made sure we were safe and she even dragged the tire out of the road for others' safety. She made sure our tour could be completed and enjoyable."     -R.M.G. of Toledo, Ohio

"Oahu is a gorgeous island and many do not recognize this because they never move far from Waikiki. I took a nature tour lead by Mandy who is by training and inclination an ecologist. She loves the island and particularly loves birds. Tour was fantastic and she was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Went out of her way to locate sea turtles and gave us a chance to view then even though it meant extra work for us. Quite honestly she is a great guide and more importantly a fine person. Mandy was great and if you get her you will be lucky! Mandy keep up the great work and the volunteer ecological work. You are a credit to humanity and in spite of being from Pennsylvania, you are a good Hawaiian."     -Eric S.

"Our guide Mandy was extremely lovely and very informative about not only the plant-life but the BIRDS! She was a bird knowledge champion!  The trail was very easy to do and we were lucky that it wasn't too muddy.  Not only was all of the lush surroundings a true beauty to look at, but the waterfall was breathtaking too."     -Cort C. of San Mateo, California 

"Mandy our guide could not have been more pleasant and well informed. She delivered a lot of information in a very competent way. She was a good driver too. Lunch was great and the choice of how fresh shrimp was served would meet any ones taste. The were alternatives for non seafood and vegetarian eaters."     -Brian H. of Quispamsis, Canada

"My husband and I wanted to go on a tour of Oahu, before embarking on driving it our self. Mandy's information, knowledge and enthusiasm was exceptional covering the islands history and wildlife . We saw a pregnant monk seal, and a plethora of turtles. The Buddhist temple with the jaw dropping mountains in the background and scenery in general fabulous. We highly recommend Mandy's awesome tour guiding."     -Angel of Sunshine Coast, Australia

"This tour was simply a delight. Mandy our driver guide was helpful, polite, prompt and extremely knowledgeable. There were frequent stops, local knowledge and good food. This is a great way to see Oahu north shore and get a feel for the differences in climate on this island."     -Mark of Perth, Australia

"Recently did a trip to the North Shore with Mandy as our guide. It gave us a great view of Oahu outside the tourist side of Waikiki. Thanks to Mandy, she made it fun and informative. All spots visited were good with the turtle viewing a highlight. Lunch was delicious 🙂 Highly recommended, great value for money."     -Sue of Adelaide, Australia

"Our naturalist and tour guide, Mandy, was just so informative, friendly, and professional as she led us up and down the Diamond Head Crater. Would definitely try this, again!"     -M.V.C. of Texas

"Mandy our guide did a fantastic job on our tour, it was so fun and entertaining, very knowledgable about the island especially the birds we all had a great time"     -T.M. of Vancouver, Washington

"I am so glad we took this tour. We budgeted for only one tour the day before a car rental and were not disappointed! The guide, Mandy, was engaging and knowledgeable. We saw the mountains to sea views we came for and so much more. Lunch was good, the Temple was beautiful, and the information between each stop very thorough. We were also lucky enough to see a large sea turtle close up, and Mandy made sure to mark a safe perimeter around him. She even showed us coffee and chocolate plants and how they are processed. With every bit of information she gave us, she also pointed out how we could learn more. She also took some time to tell us about a very secluded hike we will be taking as soon as we pick up our car. Over-all, a very pleasant afternoon. Only regret was that we did not take the full day tour."    -Mark H

"Our tour of the island was loaded with sights that were incredible but not as incredible as our guide Mandy. She explained fauna flora history politics and wove her stories in an interesting and informative way. Highly recommended!"     -Gill Fraser

"We found our tour extremely enjoyable. Our guide Mandy was a fountain of knowledge and made it a very informative and entertaining trip. Highly recommended."     -Kieran Cork of Dublin, Ireland

"Just spent an very interesting and informative afternoon with Mandy our guide. Thank you it was great."    -Jill S.

"I went with Mandy on the north shore tour (#8) - and it was great. Mandag had a lot of knowledge that she shared with us during the day. I learned a lot especially about trees. The food at the shrimp farm was GREAT."     -Marie B.

"Wow- wow - wow! We did a circle island trip today, and Mandy was our tour guide. She went above and beyond!! So exclusive of everyone on the trip and crazy wicked smart!!! The trip was worth 3X what we paid!!"     -Scott W.

"We were picked up at our hotel by Mandy who would be our guide for the day. She was very friendly and gave us background information on lots of things as we drove. We stopped a few times on the way up so she could share information with us on the wildlife, trees, and other facts. She was very knowledgable and a great photographer. A great tour. Beautiful view from the top of Diamond Head. Do it early as it gets hot as the day goes on. A must do on the island. I saw all age ranges going up the crater!!"     -B.E.

"We did a diamond head crater hike and tour of southeastern shore, both with young kids, which both handled pretty good. We went with Mandy for both and she was fantastic both times, extremely knowledgeable about the bird life but just as good with knowledge of the Island and its history. She was entertaining for the adults and even had a 3 yr old and my 7 yr old glued to her every word. Bring your cameras as the views on both tours were unbelievable and if you take a bottle of water and Mandy as the tour guide you'll be set."     -Sam W.

"All you biology nerds: ask for Mandy! She was very informative about all of the endemic (and not endemic) plants and wildlife."      -Kelsey M.

"We did a circle island tour and it was a great day. Our guide, Mandy, was so knowledgeable and entertaining. She was helpful with information and history about Hawaii. I would certainly recommend this tour for those that have a short stay on the Island or just enjoy a more relaxed tour."     -Bill Schoch of Christchurch, New Zealand

"Thoroughly enjoyed this tour which gave us the opportunity to see more of Oahu. Our tour guide Mandy was very knowledgable regarding the history of Hawaii as well as the natural flora and fauna. Our tour included a shrimp lunch. Highly recommended."     -Brett S. of New Zealand

"I went to Hawaii with friends but no one else wanted to hike Diamond Head with me so I decided to book a tour. I am so glad that I did it. Our tour guide Mandy was absolutely amazing. She told me about the wildlife and plants and also the history of these as well as the history of how Diamond Head was formed and the Military history. She was very friendly and able to answer any questions I had. She would stop along the way and make to share more information. She was very knowledge able and was a great tour guide!! The hike was great and the views were amazing from so many different points along the trail."     -S. of Wagga Wagga, Australia

"We had a wonderful experience on this tour! The sites we visited provided beautiful views of nature. Our guide, Mandy, was extremely knowledgeable about the birds, plants, animals, sea turtles, as well as the history of the island and even the geological formations and readily shared that information with us. She was also very personable. We had a great time! Thanks Mandy!"     -Peter and MaryLou of Binghamton, New York

"My wife and I recently completed a circle island tour with our tour guide Mandy. First and foremost she was an EXPERT. I mean graduate level, and field experienced professional. Mandy was on-time, friendly and had answers for all of our questions. Mandy is an Ornithology (Bird) expert who made our trip remarkable. I've never seen a guide literally RUN to check if our group could see some green sea turtles, attend to a groups every question, need and take a tour to an amazing level. If you had only one day on Oahu, THIS is the tour you want. Ask for Mandy!"     -Ryan C. of Omaha, Nebraska

"We had an excellent experience, our guide Mandy was incredibly knowledgeable and eager to share her appreciation of the wildlife and history of Oahu. We were given facts and insight that allowed us to better appreciate the rest of our stay on the island. Mandy readily answered our questions and even researched on line and with her Hawaiian friends during scheduled stops. This tour was first rate."     -Vic of Edmonton, Canada

"Mandy is incredible guide. She told us history that many locals who have grown up on the island never knew. She told us nice local places to eat at. She loves birds and will tell you all about the work people are doing to bring back endangered birds. Also she showed us the rainforest and the lack of plants and trees that were indigenous on the island. Incredible person and very good with my son. Totally recommend her tours. We liked the first tour we signed up for another one."     -Chris H. of San Diego, California

"With a half day to fill before heading to the airport, we decided to see the sights of the southeastern peninsula of Oahu and to learn about the area's birds, plants, and geology. Our group was small and our driver/tour guide, Mandy, was fantastic! How lucky to get someone truly interested in what she was sharing with us. Her knowledge came partly from her educational background in environmental studies and ornithology, and we received the benefits of that. We enjoyed the scenic views over "From Here to Eternity" Beach, from the Pali Lookout for miles, the blowhole, and the beautiful cove beach filled with snorkelers because of its reef. Many stops were included with enough time for a walk and picture taking."     -Nan of Cape Cod, Massachusetts 

"We decided to book Mandy because of her connection with conservation. We had a great time and our guide Mandy very knowledgable and fun."     -P.W.

"We took an one day nature tour and our experience was awesome. Our guide Mandy, covered almost every scenic spot in Oahu island. The most spectacular part was her guiding in Waimea Vally. She was so knowledgeable and she tried to introduce us with not only Oahu's beautiful places but also Hawaiian culture, trees and birds. This tour was worth of money. BTW, she served incredible lunch also."     -N. of Dhaka City, Bangladesh

"Mandy our tour guide, was the most informative guide we have had in our trip to Hawaii. Her passion with nature is contagious. The hike was good, although would probably not pick a weekend next time. It was crowded but the view was worth it. Would book more tours with her!"      -Michelle F.

"Were are a family of 4 with 2 children aged 8 and 10 and we all thoroughly enjoyed our day on this tour. Our tour guide was Mandy and her knowledge on everything was outstanding! We were picked up right on time and dropped back to Waikiki on time, even with the very heavy traffic! I highly recommend this tour especially if you have similar aged children, they never got bored and it wasn't too long for them."     -Leanne S.

"Mandy was terrific! Excellent breadth - Hawaiian history, natural history, birds, trees turtles and much more"     -Linda V.

"Going back this holiday season, we decided to try a different tour with Mandy and she was really engaging and insightful, everything you'd want in a tour guide. Would definitely recommend this tour group, it was great experience."     -Janet P.

"Mandy was an exceptional tour guide. She was very knowledgeable and passionate about the culture, history and conservation. She made the trip very enjoyable, as well as educational. Friendly and Informative. We would strongly recommend it. We got the opportunity to see parts of the island we never would have otherwise. This is definitely a must do excursion whether it's your first time to Hawaii or not. We WILL book another tour. Thank you!"     -Rob T. of Canada

"Did a nature tour with Mandy as our guide, and we were very happy that we did. Absolutely brilliant tour, very knowledgeable guide, especially about the birds. Would do it again when we come back"     -Grant

"What a great experience we had last week on this North island Tour, our guide Mandy was so passionate about the Island, bird life, history, plant life etcetera...probably one of the best tours we have ever done.."     -M.B.

"My partner and I did hiking tour together and it was great! Our tour guides, Mandy was super friendly. She took us to the hiking area and lead our group up to the waterfall, providing interesting and amusing tidbits of information along the way. We took our time to take photos and absorb the beauty of the rainforest and appreciate it. Mandy was very knowledgeable about birds and bird calls and showed us the area in which Jurassic was filmed. The waterfall itself was spectacular due to the rain that had been down pouring in the days prior and overall it was a great hike with some really beautiful aspects. If you're a nature lover definitely take this tour."     -Taylor of Melbourne, Australia

"Didn't really know what to expect on this tour. Highly recommend getting Mandy as your guide. She is amazing at what she does and makes it more enjoyable."     -Daniel G.

"An excellent introduction to Oahu and its natural beauty. This tour takes you out of Waikiki to see the real Island. You see stunning views from Laie Point, Pu'u Mahuka and Sunset Beach and the visit to the ancient temples including Byodo Temple and Pu'u Mahuka are really quite timeless. We were fortunate enough to see a green turtle on Turtle Beach which was a real treat. A couple of civilized toilet stops gives you enough time on the road around the island to see a lot in a short time. I found it not as tiring as a full-day trip can be. Our Tour guide, Mandy, was amazing. Her knowledge was an unexpected bonus. She explained so much, happy to answer any questions and anticipated our needs . Very professional and friendly and so I have no hesitation in recommending this tour."     -Chris B. of Sydney, Australia

"Mandy was our guide and we felt very fortunate to have her. She arrived promptly and was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Her commentary throughout the trip was interesting and well delivered. We learned quite a bit about the history and geography of the island. her interest in bird life added another dimension to the trip that we weren't expecting but really enjoyed. The shrimp lunch was great and we felt we received excellent value for money. I would have no hesitation recommending this tour to anyone interested in getting out and seeing more of Hawaii that Waikiki. We were lucky to have Mandy as our guide!"     -Ken

"Mandy knew so much about the area and the rest of the island. The hike is gorgeous, and we really enjoyed learning about the local plant life, as well as the reforestation. Had a great time & would highly recommend taking this tour when you are on Oahu!"     -Patty G. of Denver, Colorado 

"Went to Manoa Falls last week with Mandy as our guide, who is a bird lover! She kept an eye out for birds and vegetation and informed us whenever she saw something. Mandy was fun, approachable, and knowledgeable. You can tell she loves her job! Book this trip- you won't be disappointed!"      -Kim S. of Washington D.C.



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