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Oahu Elepaio

On August 26, 2017 I enjoyed sharing the birds of Oahu with a visiting birder from Kona named Brad, who is a birder and photographer. He came with a birding wish list so to speak, since he had spent a significant amount of time on Oahu but due to family commitments, was unable to attain certain species. I picked up Brad from the airport at 7am sharp and we hit the ground birding. First we tackled the Aiea ridge trail for his Mariana Swiftlet request while also picking up Oahu Amakihi. We caught a glimpse of Apapane and Oahu Elepaio but because Oahu Elepaio was an exciting life bird, we decided to go down into the valleys along Aina Haina for better looks. Before our elepaio trek we stopped off in Manoa Valley for Salmon-crested Cockatoos, which took some patience on my part to locate, but thankfully gave themselves up with very loud calls. The time we spent in Wailupe for an up-close Oahu Elepaio encounter paid off for sure, see Brad’s photo above. From there we made a quick stop for lunch before traveling along southeastern shore for Red-tailed Tropicbirds and then up to the windward side for Hawaiian Gallinule. It was a long but exciting day full of amazing birds and a new birding friendship.

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