Oahu Elepaio Recovery Project with Pacific Rim Conservation

Oahu Elepaio Hawaii Birding Hawaii Conservation Hawaii Birding Babe
Oahu Elepaio by Eric VanderWerf of Pacific Rim Conservation

From January -June 2017 I had the honor and pleasure to work for Pacific Rim Conservation‘s Oahu Elepaio Recovery Project. One of the biggest threats to Oahu Elepaio are introduced Black Rats, which is where I came in to help out, by resetting rat traps and monitoring nesting activity in Pia Valley. The highest density of Oahu Elepaio is in Wailupe Valley. Pacific Rim saw an opportunity to expand their conservation efforts by continuing predation control and monitoring in the adjacent valley, Pia Valley. Although this field work sounds like an easy task the steep and rugged terrain can make this work time consuming and challenging. I am so enthusiastic about being a part of this project that I assisted with the crowd funding campaign to raise money for self resetting, humane traps by GoodNature. Thank you again to Pacific Rim Conservation, for allowing me to be a part of your conservation work in the field, assist with your report writing, help with crowd funding efforts, and for those snazzy spiked hiking shoes. I’m already looking forward to next season!

To learn more about our work in Pia Valley please see our report HERE
To make a donation to Pacific Rim Conservation click HERE

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