Seabird Watching from Keokea on Big Island

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Cheshta Buckley, Brian Sullivan, Yve Nagy Morrell, Mandy Talpas, Brad Argue, Cooper

On Sunday, September 17, 2017 I enjoyed making new friends, seeing new birds and working on my seabird identification skills with local and visiting experts. This was a great opportunity to search for trans-equatorial migrants. Little is known about marine birds, especially those who are highly pelagic, outside their breeding grounds. Thanks to revolutionary scientific technological improvements, like geolocator-immersion loggers, ornithologists are able to learn more about trans-equatorial migration routes, activity patterns, and habitat requirements for many of these elusive seabirds. Although, with many pieces of the pelagic bird life history puzzle missing, citizen science surveys like the one we did together, are vital. I’m sure everyone reading this blog is well aware of the citizen science tool created by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and The National Audubon Society for us as a birding community known as eBird. I enjoyed learning how eBird data is later used and analyzed from scientific perspective by Brian Sullivan at his eBird workshop held at the Hawaii Island Festival of Birds the previous day.
A special thank you to: Brad, my new birding buddy, for the invite and sharing the drive; Cheshta for letting me use your snazzy scope and sharing seabird ID characteristics; Brian for your ID skills and willingness to share your observations with others; Yve for inspiration and being a badass dancing birder; and Cooper for your shared excitement and humor.

See Brian’s checklists below:

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