Birding Tours in Hawaii

Hawaii Birding Babe has perfected customizing birding tours for her guests. Whether you're a serious birder with a target species list on an endemic bird quest, a novice birder looking forward to some life birds while taking in the views from a scenic hike surrounded by honeycreepers, or seeking a picturesque beach with a flock of Bristle-thighed Curlews, you're guaranteed to have a great time searching for Hawaii's beautiful birds with Hawaii Birding Babe in paradise.

Nature Tours in Hawaii

Hawaii Birding Babe has worked as a professional guide and driver for years and she is eager to get you and your loved ones out of Honolulu for the day to show you Oahu's natural beauty! Escape the busy streets of Waikiki in an enchanted rainforest, experience a breath-taking overlook, or a secluded beach. Leave the crowds behind to enjoy an island adventure with sacred heritage sites, native wildlife, and delicious treats from Hawaii's finest local establishments.

World Birding Tours

In addition to leading eco-tours, hiking adventures and birdwatching tours in Hawaii, Mandy has experience birding around the world. She is currently scheduling organized tours to Peru, Australia and Africa.

Stay tuned for upcoming details!

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Why go with Hawaii Birding Babe?

-Expert and quality tours with reasonable rates: Mandy is passionate about birds and nature, she is excited to share her knowledge with everyone and loves guiding. She is a professional and working full time to earn her living.

-Keen birding senses with good direction: Mandy has sharpened her skill set with quick attention to detail to get you on the bird. She can identify sounds, plumages and flight patterns of almost every species, just what you should expect when hiring an experienced guide.

-Patience, flexibility and fun: Mandy is easy-going and willing to cater to you in every regard. While she takes her job seriously, Mandy doesn't take herself too seriously. After all, birding and traveling are supposed to be enjoyable; and pleasant personalities make for pleasant experiences.

-Support a local guide: You'll see more and simply have an overall better experience! Mandy strives to share Hawaii's history, culture, flora and fauna while personally catering to each guest.

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Hawaii Birding Babe supports local conservation projects:

Mandy fosters wildlife conservation through environmental awareness and education with every guest, she is a supporter of local non-profits, she is a proud volunteer of grass-root conservation initiatives and is honored to work for Pacific Rim Conservation on their translocation of Laysan and Black-footed albatross and their Oahu Elepaio Recovery Project.

“We really appreciate Mandy’s help in protecting the Oahu Elepaio. She is great at finding elepaio!” Dr. Eric VanderWerf, President of Pacific Rim Conservation

"Mahalo for volunteering to help lead our public outreach birding programs on James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge." Dick May, Volunteer Coordinator

"Mandy has been volunteering and supporting Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project for the past few years. She is so dedicated and interested in helping Hawaii's birds. Not only does Mandy have the keen eyes and ears for the birds, but she has also helped us with our banding and mist netting research. Mandy is easy to get along with- very cheerful and knowledgeable."  Laura Berthold, Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project

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