Volunteering with Pacific Rim’s albatross translocation project

Translocation of Black-footed and Laysan albatross to the North Shore of Oahu by Pacific Rim Conservation  bird conservation hawaii albatrossbird conservation hawaii albatrossbird conservation hawaii albatross

I am honored to volunteer for Pacific Rim’s albatross translocation project at James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge again this year. I only wish I had more time to assist Avian Ecologist, Robby Kholey and Biologist, Megan Dalton with the husbandry duties of these adorable albatross chicks!

Mornings on the refuge start early as we carefully prepare a scrumptious albatross slurry full of giant squid, sardines, anchovies, smelt, fish oil, pedialyte and vitamins for each individual chick. Before feeding the young albatross their calculated diet, a health assessment, including weights, are taken to ensure each chick is healthy and happy. Once all the chicks are content with a full crop the detailed clean up and sanitation process of our feeding equipment begins, although no matter how long I scrubbed syringes, tubes and feeding containers I always left smelling like fish!

Thank you again to Robby and Megan for your expertise and dedication to protecting Hawaii’s endangered seabirds and for allowing me to help you out again this season!

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