Young Birder Visits Oahu

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I had a great day birding Oahu with a family of bird lovers in January. We started up in the rainforests of the Ko’olau Mountains for Oahu Amakihi before we enjoyed beautiful views of White Terns, Rose-ringed Parakeets, Red-footed Boobies, Hawaiian Gallinule and Hawaiian Coots, to name a few. This young birder kept track of all of the birds we saw together, using one of my Hawaii Birding Babe checklists. He was very much looking forward to sharing his new Hawaii bird list with his older cousin, a serious young lister, who has shared his birding passion with the whole family. After traveling along the coast of southeastern Oahu we decided to celebrate with a brief stop to one of my favorite places, Manoa Chocolate Factory! Manoa is known for their direct trade with cacao farmers around the world, including Hawaii. Not only does this create a high quality single origin product supporting local farmers, but is sustainable, delectable, and bird friendly. We enjoyed a brief tour of their factory in Kailua while sampling chocolate from different farms in Hawaii and Latin America.

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